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 The Bible says that you must come to God as a little child. I am trying to write about God in the most childlike form I can. I am deliberately trying not to use a lot of Chrisitanees, the language Christians use. I do not want to confuse anyone. Christians are not perfect people, they are forgiven! We try to hear from God, we try to do what is good and acceptable in His eyes. If we could be perfect than we would not have needed Jesus to die for us. To give his life on that cross. I believe Jesus knew we couldn't keep all the commandments, especially the one about lying. If we were to tell just one lie in our life, that would be it, we would be a sinner and banned from heaven. Jesus knew we couldn't do it! So he made the choice, he chose to be our substitute, our stand in. He took it on himself and paid the price so that we now could have access to God the creator of everything and spend eternity in heaven with him.

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    God is Real - God Speaks in Music Melody and Song

    2 years ago

    God speaks in Music Melody and song. Not every song is used by God, however, God can use every song to speak to us. When our hurts are so deep that words cannot be spoken, music can penetrate our heart, our soul, our...

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    Snakes Big and Small - God made them all! COBRAS!!

    3 years ago

    Cobras, lots of info, There are over 250 different types of Cobras. The King Cobra is the longest of the venomous snakes and has been known to grow up 18 feet (5 meters) long. The head can be as big as a...

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    Science proves the Bible is TRUE - OCEANOGRAPHY paths, currents in the ocean

    3 years ago

    The Word of God, the Holy Bible told us the secret of the seas, it is in Psalm 8 verse 8. A long time ago Benjamin Franklin and others had an idea about the Gulf Stream. They believed that The Bible told us the...

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    Science proves the Bible is TRUE - The Sixth day - Man and Dinosaurs

    2 years ago

    The Sixth Day … Man and DINOSAURS were created! Genesis 1:24 And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild...

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    Science proves the Bible is TRUE - BLOOD, bloodletting

    3 years ago

    The Blood changes things, way back when bloodletting was used as a medical treatment people did not realize what God had said about blood, that blood is the source of life. Yes it is in the Bible. The United States of...

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    22 months ago

    2011 BCS CHAMPIONS! In Alabama, football isn’t just a game, its a way of life! ROLL TIDE! Where did Alabama get that red elephant mascot? Where did the name Hush puppies come from? Why does the groom carry the...

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    JOKE - The Smartest Man in the WORLD!

    3 years ago

    Joke The smartest Man in the world kid friendly God wants us to be happy he calls it joy. God also tells us in his word, the Holy Bible, that laughter is good like a medicine. So laugh! Get healthy!God wants you to.

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